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Does Vortex provide maleware prevention?
Vortex Security effectively combats both known and unknown malware with a diverse range of methods. These include machine learning, custom blocking (whitelisting and blacklisting), exploit blocking, IOA (Indicators of Attack) prevention, and additional specialized protection against ransomware. Customers have full control and configuration capabilities of Falcon’s comprehensive prevention features through the intuitive interface.
What is an IOA?
Vortex Security stands apart from other security solutions by going beyond relying solely on Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). While IOCs only analyze clues left behind after a breach, Vortex Security’s innovative approach detects live Indicators of Attack (IOAs). This means identifying adversarial activity and behaviors in real time, across the entire attack timeline. With Vortex’s unique ability to detect IOAs, you have the power to effectively stop attacks.
Does Vortex Security protect against Ransomware?

Vortex Security employs a range of comprehensive prevention and detection techniques to safeguard against ransomware. These measures encompass the blocking of known ransomware, the prevention of ransomware execution and transmission through unpatched vulnerabilities, the utilization of machine learning for detecting previously unknown “zero-day” ransomware, and the identification and blocking of additional unidentified ransomware through Indicators of Attack (IOAs). Additionally, Vortex Security’s protection extends to new forms of ransomware that deviate from traditional file encryption methods.

What detection capabilities does Vortex Security have?
For enhanced security measures, Vortex Security offers cloud-based antivirus and IOC detection capabilities to combat known threats. To tackle the ever-evolving landscape of unknown and zero-day threats, Vortex Security employs IOA detection, leveraging innovative machine learning techniques to develop predictive models for identifying previously unseen malicious activities with exceptional precision. Anchored by the Vortex Security Threat Graph™ data model, this IOA analysis effectively identifies behavioral patterns and detects new attacks, regardless of their utilization of malware. Vortex Security’s detection techniques stand out among other solutions available in the market, particularly when it comes to addressing emerging threats that have previously remained undetectable.